Dei Group


In the travertine field the Dei Group consist of three factories among the eldest for tradition and experience, but at the same time making use of the newest machines and high technologies.



Travertini Paradiso Srl

Specialized in "cut to size" work since 1908
Serre di Rapolano (Siena) - Italy


Alibrando Dei Srl

Travertino's Industry since 1934
Serre di Rapolano (Siena) - Italy


Saitrav Srl

Roman Travertino's Industry since 1934
Bagni di Tivoli (Roma) - Italy



They have their own quarries, sawmills and workshops both in area of Bagni di Tivoli (Roma) and in that of Rapolano Terme (Siena).


Most of the greatest travertine works all over the world have been realized by these factories. The raw materiales owned and used are either the "Classic Travertines" and those whose colours are varied and exclusive as the grey "Silver Travertine". Any work of any size, difficulty and importance can be realized.


The Dei Group is then specialized in tiles wich are made with a very sophisticated and complete automatic equipment.


Here follows the list of the physical and technical characteristics of our travertines. They testify how longlasting and resistant to any kind of climate travertine is.







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